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The popular Google Doodle game series has brought Google back to lockdown!

The whole world is infected with corona.  Lockdown is going on across the country to save from Corona virus.  Google has brought back its popular old Doodle game series to encourage everyone to stay home in this situation.
On Monday, Google brought back their 2016 game 'Coding for Quarts'.  The doodle was created three years ago to mark the 50th anniversary of the children's coding language 'Logo'.  The Google Doodle game is accompanied by the tagline 'Stay and Play at Home'.  Play sports from home.  Everyone has been asked to stay at home to prevent the transmission of corona virus through this tagline.
Google has released this game to mark the 50th anniversary of kid coding.  So those who are tired of being at home can easily spend some time in this game of Doodle.

 Today's Doodle Game from Google will give the housebound people a different taste!  You can watch the game, of course it will be good, but I like it a lot!

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