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How to get speed detecting cameras alerts when driving on your Android phone.


All the rules made by the Road Additional Traffic Police have been made for our safety and controlling the speed is also one of them.  But still many times when only a little speed is up, we are seen in speed detecting cameras and have to pay huge invoices.  But do you know that there is also an app through which you can detect these cameras on your phone and avoid paying fine.

How to know about speed detecting camera or speed limit on main roads in India

 Last year, this feature also came on Google Maps, which used to give you information about the traffic camera and speed limit on the road, but it was removed after some time.  But there is an app available on Android Play Store called RadarBot.  This app gives you complete information of real-time traffic on the road and where the speed cameras are installed.  Also according to the information given below, you will be able to use it easily.

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Install the Radarbot app on your Android or iPhone from the Play Store or Apple Store.

 After this, open the Google Maps app on the phone and minimize it.  Simultaneously open the Radarbot application on the smartphone.

 This app will ask you for some important permissions, after this, on the screen of the app, you will see your location and speed meter which will be on the bottom right.

 Google Maps will run in the background and guide you through navigation, as well as the Radarbot app on the foreground and warn you for the camera and speed limit.

 Opening its main screen, you put it in front of you in your car and start your journey.  This app will give you a warning sound as soon as a speed detector camera comes.  Also, if you go a little above the speed limit of the road, it will also warn you.

This application will bring you red-light, red-light cameras, speed-mounted cameras, traffic jams, accident areas, and a van parked with traffic police (if other users have reported)  Will give warning sound in time.
 Even if you have cameras on your opposite side, this app automatically disables them.  It only gives information about the camera coming in your route on Google Maps.
 If you are riding a motorcycle, you can set a Vibration Alert in it and it will warn you with both Vibration and Sound when you cross the speed limit or when the Speed ​​Camera Detector arrives and you will avoid paying huge invoices.
 Click here to download - Radarbot.

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